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Robert Anton: Press/reviews

Robert Anton is..."a singer, songwriter, and a burgeoning music publisher who moved to New York years ago with a dream; a simple dream to make music…for a living."
Hey Fam, I hope you are blessed today. I feel so greatful for having a feature on the site of Herndon Davis (the author, lecturer, and TV/radio show host). It's inciteful and tells a little about THE PASSION OF ROBERT ANTON.
Review: A very good album containing some good vocal house and some good soulful R’n’B. (read more...follow the link).
Loving the new CD
I love this cd because its got real music instrumentation, followed by a smooth vocal flow.
--From by Bobby Washington

This Cd is the bomb! Robert croons like no one can! He makes me want to fall in love with "INSANE" and then reminds me of the good ole disco dancing days with "[Dancin] All night" and "HeY". With Hip Hop finally coming under attack for being shallow and crass, this CD brings R&B back in a big way. Cop It, Enjoy It, Share It with everyone you know loves real music. Wow!
--CDbaby review by Reginald Naji-Allah

Robert Anton is back to introduce is third album, INSANE. On INSANE, Robert pulled out all the stops to give you an album with something for everyone. My personal favorites are INSANE and DANCIN ALL NIGHT, but HEY (The Diamond Dance) and COMO SE DICE will have you stumping your feet, grooving to the beat and even singing the chorus. DIRTY BLUES is an interesting and welcome suprise along with the Euro-German influence of LIEBLINGS HERR. INSANE, from playAnton Productions, has a lot going for it and definitely worthy of strong radio play. So, download INSANE and enjoy it for yourself. You will be so glad you did.
--CDbaby review by thierry laurence

Just Keeps Getting Better!
A year ago, Robert Anton made an impressive debut with "In Time," justly earning him 4 and 5 star reviews; his sophomore release raises the bar even higher. My personal favorite Robert Anton song to date, the gorgeous "What About XMas" is a message we all need to hear at Christmastime, and the song couldn't be better. Robert's vocals just keep improving, ranging from smooth and soft and powerful and rich. Robert cites Marvin Gaye as an inspiration; this album would make Mr. Gaye proud!
--Mary Rodgers,, current
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Beautiful rendition of a tender love song! Reviewer: Sheree
Robert Anton gives a sensitive and masterful performance on his entire album, especially the very romantic "All Of My Life". It takes great acting ability as well as musicality to put over a song like this ballad and Robert has these qualities in great supply.

Reviewer: Otto Hundsdorfer Hey Robert...Gorgeous voice!
Our host was rising artist Robert Anton! Mr. Anton is a great supporter of Outmusic and a great supporter of his fellow LGBT artists. He always gets a great reaction from the audience! Why? Well, for starts, there's the voice. Then there's the hot beats he creates to showcase that voice...
Jed Ryan - (Jul 1, 2007)
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