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Robert Anton: Original Songs

Coming Home feat. Emotionsmusic

(Robert Anton/Umberto Federico)
December 12, 2011
Robert Anton/Umberto Federico

Verse 1

The Season’s come, to be together

I'm wishing you were here

It's been so long, it seems forever

Can't wait to hold you near

Verse 2

I'm getting dressed, packing my suitcase

Just eight more hours, and then we'll have that time

we've been excited for all year

I wanna feel you, share what's on my mind


I'm coming home

We'll Be Together

I'll light the fire

And watch the winter snow

I'm coming home

What could be better

Than coming home

To spend this time with you

Verse 3

Just got your call, I'm getting worried

Why did you take that trip this year

After all, that we've been planning

You might not make it here

Verse 4

I look outside, the weather's changing

Will I escape the storm and  feel your strong embrace
 It’s been too long,  and time is wasting

Can't wait no more, I need to see your face



All that I want is to be with you

If I had wings I’d fly, that’s how much I care

Longing to be the light that shines in your eyes

I just wish I could be there


How did I know this would happen

Always this time of year

Brings so much disappointment

I just wish you could be here